About our rooms

Each of our rooms are designed to provide each child with the opportunities and experiences needed to develop to their full potential alongside a good routine that is a solid building block for this.

The Early Years Foundation Stage defines continuous provision as the ‘carefully chosen and organised quality resources placed in areas which are always available for children to access independently across every area of learning.’ Each room is set up into various areas of continuous provision widely ranging from sand and water play to areas for mark making and being creative. This provision is then enhanced to give the children different experiences in different ways. The Early Years Foundation Stage defines enhanced provision as ‘the resources that are added to the continuous provision within the indoor and outdoor learning environment which match the topic or the interests of the children.’ For example if we observe that a child likes to play in the sand and is interested in dinosaurs we will add the dinosaurs to the sand pit to enhance the child’s interest.

As children learn greatly outdoors we aim to get them outside each day in all weather conditions!

All of our children are supported and encouraged in everything they choose to do and are continually engaged in a fun and stimulating atmosphere allowing them to achieve to the best of their abilities.

Under 2’s Room

Our Under 2’s room has a cosy atmosphere that is stimulating yet fun. It is a self contained room with areas for sleeping, a soft comfy area and a sensory area where they can play and explore. There are specifically designed areas to hep your child develop from a non mover to a steady walker in a safe and secure environment.

The room is run with the fact that each child is an individual with different tastes and needs. Knowing that children do not all have the same routine, we work with you to develop a routine sheet as a guidance to meet your child’s needs. As this will change over time as your child develops i.e. weaning, all changes to their routine will be discussed and agreed with you. Each child in this room under 18 months old has a daily report sheet for you to take home informing you of how they have been and what they have done that day. The older children’s information will be detailed on the Information Board in the room.

Infant Room

The Infant Room is designed and set up into various areas of continuous provision, for example sand, water, construction area and more. Children have an element of independence as they can freely access the resources for themselves. Each area is enhanced in accordance with each individual child’s interests and next steps which helps further progress and development. The children also take part in music and movement / physical activity sessions as well as the daily activities planned. This room also lends itself to large play equipment for the children to explore e.g. tunnels and a ball pool.


In pre-school we aim to provide each child with a range of opportunities and experiences that will encourage confidence, allow them to become independent and to develop individuality before their transition to school.

Observations to inform planning, group activities and lots of learning through play all go together to help your child develop to their full potential.

Our pre-school room is designed to help progress all round learning and development by being set up into various areas of continuous provision which are then enhanced according to the topic and the children’s interests/needs. We also have an outdoor growing patch where we grow wildflowers and sunflowers along with potatoes, tomatoes, apples and pears which the children can then pick, taste and explore.


Schoolies club is open when nursery is, 51 weeks a year and is housed in a purpose built extension. We feel that the Schoolies have a whole ‘grown up’ identity of their own.

We provide a drop off/pick up service to our local primary schools. We aim to add fun and friendship to an out of school environment.

Our Schoolies club has different areas set up for different purposes which are regularly changed as a result of the children’s interests. It has a relaxing/reading corner, a home corner and areas for both floor and table activities of which there is a large variety for the children to choose from for themselves. There is a computer stocked with educational software and the children also have the opportunity to do their homework if they wish.

Schoolies have the appropriate food provided, subject to times of attendance, but in addition to the normal menus they choose their own fillings/toppings for sandwiches, toast muffins etc of which there is wide variety. Fresh fruit and vegetables are promoted and are available at the snack table.


We have an extensive outdoor play area consisting of 5 separately enclosed areas combining hard and soft surfaces to maximise opportunities for outdoor play.

There are large items of fixed play equipment, seating and a large range of portable outdoor play equipment and toys to encourage and support physical play in a safe environment.

We also have a growing patch in one of our outdoor areas where the children can grow flowers, fruit and vegetables and can freely access water to help care for them.