Parent and child testimonials

‘As a mum the decision to put your children into a nursery is a difficult one, and I admit it was one that I didn’t want to do. Saying that the development of both K & C is amazing and I do think that nursery has allowed them this development and social interactive skills’ KC

‘I think the staff are brilliant. L enjoys nursery and the staff’s caring nature makes tearful drop offs in the morning bearable. I would recommend nursery to anyone and would use again without hesitation.’ KC

‘We are extremely happy with our choice of nursery for K and think your staff do a great job providing a high level of care. This confidence I have in your staff makes my life a lot easier when I have to leave K in order to go to work!’ RD

‘Next Generation is a fantastic nursery I have never had any problems. Both O & T enjoy coming here and I know they are well looked after by a fantastic team.’ KB

The children

‘I like Schoolies because they have lots of games and the staff are funny.’ By Morgan aged 10.

‘I like Schoolies because I can dress up.’ By Tia aged 5.

‘I like Schoolies because we can dress up and go on the Karaoke machine.’ By Emily aged 6.