Awards, Health & Wellbeing

Our Awards

Breastfeeding Friendly Award (PDF)
Healthy Business Award (PDF)
Healthy Early Years Award (PDF)
Smile for Health Award (PDF)
Food Hygine Rating Certificate (PDF)


Research indicates the North West has a very high incidence of heart disease & tooth decay. No coincidence here- this indicates that a diet that is good for your teeth is good for a healthy body.

As children do not have an inborn ability to select a balanced nutritious diet – this becomes our job. We will encourage a good routine & balanced diet to hopefully lay the foundations for good health. See our ‘Policy to promote Healthy eating’ for more detail.

We aim to provide 5 portions of fruit and vegetable per day.

Health & Well-Being Awards

In July 2007 we were awarded the ‘Smile for Health Award’ in recognition of the high standards achieved in promoting healthy eating and good oral health.

To continually promote a healthy lifestyle we signed up to ‘stop the rot’. Stop the rot is a campaign created by a dentist Graham Wilding BDS and is supported by Professor Lord Robert Winston. It encourages nurseries and parents to help prevent tooth decay. More information is available on the website

In 2010 we were awarded the ‘Healthy Business Award’ and are committed to encourage healthier food choices, by offering and promoting safe & healthy food options whilst at nursery and thus contributing to our community’s health improvement. We provide a variety of foods that will enable children to achieve a healthy diet, based on the EATWELL guidelines taking into account nutritional, cultural and religious diversity.

In 2011 we received the ‘Breastfeeding Friendly Award’ acknowledging that we are a breastfeeding friendly environment.

In 2009 we were awarded ‘Healthy Early Years Setting Status’ by Wigan Council.